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Is your dog current on all vaccinations, including:
rabies, distemper, parvovirus, bordetella and parainfluenza?

Your pet is required to be current on all vaccinations. Current vaccination records must be submited electronically or brought to the first scheduled day of training.



Once payment is received we will contact you and schdule the frist training session.

Puppy Class

Basic Obedience

Advanced Obedience

Off-Leash Control

Individual Session

House Visit





Classes Offered


Puppy Class


-Classes are approximately one hour long, 5 weekly sessions, with daily homework in between.

These classes are kept small to be sure you and your puppy learn and have fun! This Puppy Class will teach you techniques used by our service dog trainers to raise a puppy that is confident and well-behaved. As with all of our classes, we will focus on establishing leadership for your dog at this critical age. Puppies need to be current on vaccinations.

-Age 11 weeks to 6 months

-Basic dog training theory



-Crate training


Basic Obedience


-Classes are approximately one hour long, 6 weekly sessions, with daily homework in between.

-Age 6 months and up

-Basic dog training theory

-Sit, Down, Stay, Heel On Leash, Come


Advanced Obedience


--Classes are approximately one hour long, 6 weekly sessions, with daily homework in between.

-Age 6 months and up (prerequiste: basic obedience or evaluated by an IBSO K9 trainer)

-Sit-stay, Down-stay, Heel On Leash (left / right turns), Recall, Automatic Sit



Off-Leash Control


-This training is ideal for the dog owner looking for quick off-leash control in any circumstance. 

Our electronic collar classes consist of one hour training sessions, completed over a five to six week schedule.

Classes are approximately one hour long, 6 weekly sessions, with daily homework in between.

The dog owner is responsible for purchasing the collar.

-Age 1 year and up

-Sit-stay, Down-stay, Heel Off Leash, Come when called

-Recommended for behavior modifcaiton



Private Lesson


-You and your dog will meet in two private one hour session, with a certified trainer to work on your current situation and training goals.

-Age 8 weeks and up


House Visit


-You and your dog will meet in your home for a one hour session with a certified trainer to work on your current situation and training goals.

-Age 6 months and up



-$75 per session

-BH, IPO Tracking, IPO Obedience, IPO Protection

-Dog must be sound and able to do the work





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The Releasing Party desires to enter into an agreement with the Party Released for Released Party to provide consultation, training and other related services for Releasing Party’s animal(s);

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NOW, IN CONSIDERATION of the services to be rendered by the Released Party to the Releasing Party, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and to be acknowledged, the Releasing Party agrees as follows:

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2. Releasing Parties, as applicable, agree(s) to fully and completely indemnify and hold harmless each of the Released Parties, as applicable, from any and all liability resulting from the business relationship carried on between Releasing Parties Released Parties or for whatever reason or purpose, the Released Parties would be present on the business premises of the Released Party. This indemnification and hold harmless shall be as to all liability including any legal expense, attorneys fees and other costs incurred by Released Parties as a result of any claim made by the Releasing Parties.

3. This Release is intended by the parties to release all claims for injuries, damages or losses to each Releasing Party’s person and property, real or person, whether known, unknown, foreseen, unforeseen, patent, or latent, which Releasing Parties may have against Released Parties. Releasing Party understands and acknowledges the significance and consequence of such specific intention to release all claims, and hereby assumes full responsibility for any injuries, damages, or losses that Releasing Party may incur from the above mentioned business relationship.

4. This Release is freely and voluntarily executed by Releasing Party after having been apprised of all relevant information and data furnished by the Released Party and all other information relevant to the business relationship in question and the subject Release, whatever that may be and whatever may be desired by the Releasing Party. Releasing Party, in executing this Release, does not rely on any inducements, promises, or representations made by the Released Parties.

5. Releasing Party has read this Release, fully understands the same and if desired, has had the same reviewed by Counsel of the Releasing Party’s choice prior to assigning the same

By checking this box you agree to all of the above.



What do you need for your first day of Dog School?

We will need you to bring the following to start classes:
- Current copy of your dog’s vaccination records
- Completed IBSO K9 Enrollment Form
- Your dog on a nylon or metal, slip type collar
- Your dog on a 4 to 6 foot nylon leash
- Your class tuition fees (completed online)

We will require proof of current vaccinations before any classes begin. Please keep your dog slip collared and leashed at all times. We ask that you always allow a minimum free space of 20 feet between your pet family and other pet families that are coming or going to class.

We recommend you leave any children younger than 16 at home so you can focus entirely on your dog and the lesson.

If your dog has shown any signs of aggression toward people or other animals, please inform IBSO K9, LLC in advance. Do not remove your dog from your vehicle until an IBSO K9, LLC trainer has come out to the car to provide you with assistance.

Any child under the age of 16, must be accompanied by a second supervising adult.The first adult will be involved and responsible in the training of the dog, the second adult will be responsible for the supervision of the child.

IBSO K9, LLC, reserves the right to refuse or terminate training classes to any pet, for any reason, at any time.

IBSO K9, LLC, its trainers and Joe and Lindsay Brockington, shall not be held liable for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of your pet’s enrollment in any training program offered.

Payment is required upon registration.

For your convenience, you may pay on line by credit/debit card. 

We accept VISA/MasterCard/Discover.

Thank you!